About Us

Dolphin Garments was established as a stock company with capital of 5,000,000 USD & turnover export 15,000,000 USD.

We have two factories. Dolphin Garments was established in 1990 and start production in July 1991 with eight production lines and Ocean Garments was established in 2006 and start the production in 15 Nov 2006 with seven production lines and in 2016 we merged the two factories together under one name is Dolphin Garments.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality

We produce garments with high quality and matching with global quality standards

Best Price

We keep up with the global market so we can offer the best price for our special customers


We have developed ambitious sustainability targets and implemented elaborate strategies to reduce or avoid any environmental pollution in our operations and our value chains.

Factory Facility

Dolphin Garments founded over a total area of approximately 17500 m² (Dolphin Factory 8500 m² – Ocean Factory 6000 m² – Wet Process Area 1500 m² – Dry Process Area 1500 m²). The monthly production capacity is approximately 380000 pcs of bottoms.

Our Facilities Include:

  • Fabric Inspection
  • Pattern Maker
  • Cutting Facilities
  • Sewing Machines
  • Embroidery
  • Wet Process
  • Dry Process
  • Laser Section
  • Finishing and Pressing
  • Packing & Shipping
  • Lab Activities

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