• Dolphin aims to succeed in the competitive arena by being innovative, quality-driven,
    reliable and fair. This means observing both company-specific and statutory regulations.
    we believe in promoting proper business conduct, environmental awareness, transparency
    and community involvement as part of everyday operations at all of our facilities as every
    aspect of our operation impacts our stakeholders and the environment.
    Our employees are our greatest asset and our top priority. Dolphin operates accident-free
    facilities and promotes health, safety and wellbeing. We prohibit child labor, support the
    community which we’re a part of and make sure that all our employees receive the benefits
    they deserve according to local laws and regulations.

Dolphin always aims to implement the relevant international standards in Quality,management
systems , Social compliance & Security in order to keep its clients’ trust and
sustainable partnership.

  1. In Quality & Management systems field : ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2017.
  2. In Accupational Health & Safety field :OHSAS 18001:2007 certified since 2010 & ISO 45001:2018 certified since 2020.
  3. In social compliance field: Better work program (registered
    participant) ,WRAP certified & SEDEX (performing SMETA audit annually).
  4. In security field : C_TPAT (GSV) certified.

1. Dolphin aims to raise its employee’s awareness and establishing a trustable,
sustainable relationship through very efficient and affective internal training
programs & internal awareness system such as :

•Onsite job training                                          •Health & safety
•First aids                                                            •Fire fighting
•Personal protective equipment (PPE use) •Policies and procedures
•Employees rights and responsibilities        •Environment protection
•Chemicals handling

2. In order to achieve effective results, Dolphin co-operated with international
training specialists to deliver needed training to its employees such as International
Labor Organization ILO.

Dolphin has developed ambitious sustainability targets and implemented elaborate strategies to improve
the quality of life and protection of the people through innovative and sustainable process in our
operations and our value chains , from our materials suppliers and through our manufacturing and
processing of our products.
In sustainability direction we have a promising vision to turn some of our production areas to be green
production areas to perform our role in saving environment as a confirmation,we annually complete both of
Higg Index’s modules of environmental and social labor.

1.Environmental compliance is a must in todays industry , thats why Dolphin controls its utilization and management of energy and
water , emission , the use of chemicals in the manufacturing and processing of our products and other wastes to be in compliance
with local and national standards.
2.Dolphin takes needed actions to insure environmental measures in work place such as temperature, pressure, noise is compatible
with applicable laws and industry standards.
3.Dolphin established water treatment facility in order to treat waste water from laundry and achieve the best compatible method
with the local and international laws.

Our aim each year is to assess our impact on these issues and 2018 clearly represents for Dolphin a milestone in starting for enviromental sustainability at all its aspects

Our Certificates